OMEGA GROUP Ltd. (OMEGA GRUPA d.o.o.) is a team of independent experts with a wealth of experience in the field of security. Our experience and expertise enable us to offer unique solutions for every company regarding physical, technical, business, and information security. We pay special attention to the application of preventive measures that provide the highest ratio of obtained results with minimal engagement of resources. When working with our clients, we pay special attention to discretion, objectivity, and protection of their interests.

Why choose us?

We regard security as a state in which the company's facilities, employees, business secrets, and processes are protected from all forms of security threats.

Proposing appropriate solutions is part of the implementation of the company's security policies, and we pay special attention to ensuring that security measures do not interfere with other business or technological processes, we propose optimal engagement of financial, organizational, and human resources.

Our goal is to establish and maintain company security as a permanent process. Business and management consulting is a dynamic process that constantly needs refinement and adaptation.

By choosing our company, you have chosen independence, reliability, discretion, and professional and comprehensive solutions at optimal costs. The company, its employees, and external collaborators have no interest or connections with political parties, interest groups, media, or state institutions, which makes us an objective and reliable partner.


Security consulting

We conduct consultations in connection with the legal definition of business secrets, the creation of regulations on business secrets, by-laws, and procedures for employees, as well as consulting in connection with the realization of organizational and technical conditions for obtaining EU security certificates.

Preparation of risk assessments and facility protection plans

As part of the threat assessment, we examine all forms of threats to the company, both those directed towards the physical security of facilities and employees, as well as those directed towards the overall business, technical, and information security, and based on that we propose appropriate technical and organizational solutions to our clients.

Analyzes and risk management

We create risk analyses based on which we propose individual and collective solutions, management organization models in crises, and applicable business continuity models.

Protection against illegal data collection

By undertaking the appropriate legal and other procedures, we protect the company and its employees from illegal collection of information on the company's business secrets, and sensitive and confidential data, while continuously raising the level of awareness (situation awareness).
We work on the development, production, and maintenance of elements and systems of technical protection of persons and property.

Creation and implementation of the security policy

The company security policy is a fundamental document that determines the directions, efforts, models, and resources based on which all further procedures are carried out to improve and preserve the required state of security.

Management and employee training

Training of management and employees is carried out according to the specific requirements of our clients and includes various forms of training in protection against industrial espionage, training in security procedures, behavior in security risk zones, and training in measures and procedures for the technical protection of sensitive data. We organize security-related seminars and courses.

Security of management and employees

We achieve the necessary levels of safety for management and employees by proposing organizational models and physical and technical protection measures, both for companies and facilities, as well as for individual events, important business meetings, etc.

Application of special technical protection measures (TSCM)

We propose effective organizational and technical solutions for data protection and the protection of audio and electronic communication.

In cooperation with our partners, we can offer the organization of private planes, yacht charter, business transportation, villa rental, VIP reservations, and events, as well as VIP personal protection.
We offer personal and property protection services with physical and/or technical protection, which are adapted to the individual needs of our clients with implementation of the highest global standards.
We create plans and programs, hold courses, and train people to adapt and improve safety in your work environment.


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